I had been experiencing sleep problems for years. To some extent this was helped by the NHS who treated my snoring problem. However I was still regularly waking in the small hours and struggling to get back to sleep. After some sessions with Daniel my problem was solved and I enjoy many more undisturbed nights sleep as a result. The difference this has made to my life is huge.

Thank you Daniel


James, Salisbury UK

"Daniel helped me with my sleeping issues. I benefited from Daniel's rich experience as a coach / sleep coach, he gave me many practical tips for better sleep and connected issues such as managing stress and reducing racing thoughts etc.

 l appreciate his holistic and individual approach, his empathy, his effort and intuition, his ability to communicate effectively and productively. Daniel is a wonderful person and thanks to his coaching, I gained a different perspective on my sleep. His coaching was truly helpful."


Aneta, Prague, Czech Republic

"I have endured many years of unreliable sleep (at least forty) and a lot of totally 'sleepless' nights and could find no panacea for my condition.  However, after our first meeting and your gentle questioning, you gave me the confidence to make adjustments to my daily routine and, following them, I began to look forward to bedtime again. 
Thank you for being so kind and patient and for assuring me that you will always be available should I need your help.”

Diane, Salisbury UK

"Working with Daniel provided me with some really valuable strategies for eliminating disturbing aspects in my dreams. They were easy to embed and I benefited immediately. Our work together targeted specific elements which were causing problems with the quality of my sleep and I'm delighted to say I now feel much more in control."

Tom, London UK

"I have had a sleep problem for over 30 years, and have tried many things in the past to try and improve matters.  I wasn't sure that anything could help me, but Daniel has made a huge difference.  I find him very kind, sympathetic and easy to talk to, and he really takes the time to talk through problems and come up with constructive, helpful, advice. He also always follows up immediately with an email confirming his recommendations.  I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Sue, Staffordshire UK

"There is plenty of advice around about getting a better night's sleep and warnings about the dire consequences of not doing so. I hadn't found it useful.

Talking to Daniel was different because we focussed on what mattered to me. The combination of his listening and sharing of knowledge and me trying out his suggestions worked. I have broken my habit of getting up when I wake in the night and taking ages to get back to sleep.

 I didn't know there was such a thing as a sleep coach until I was introduced to Daniel. In a few hours he has made a significant difference to my life."

Jim, Salisbury UK

"What was the most valuable aspect of the sleep consultant’s support? Daniel is fantastically calm, he
listens to what you say, he is able to find ways that help you, gives you food for thought on related sleep
subject matters, makes you think about what differences you can make and how to make them part of
your daily routine. Daniel gave me the confidence to openly talk about how I was feeling and to look at
how things were affecting me and how positive small changes could make a big difference to my
everyday and sleeping habits."

MJP, Salisbury UK